Friday, May 19, 2006

How it All Changed

The founder of Negro History Week, which evolved into Black History Month, would be sickened to see what has been done to his legacy.

Republican Carter G. Woodson established Negro History Week between the birthdays of Republican President Abraham Lincoln and Republican activist Frederick Douglass. Mr. Woodson believed that blacks should know their past in order to participate intelligently in the affairs in our country. He strongly believed that black history - which others have tried so diligently to erase - is a firm foundation for young black Americans to build on in order to become productive citizens of our society. His message was that blacks should be proud of their heritage and that other Americans should also understand it. His father, a former slave, insisted that "learning to accept insult, to compromise on principle, to mislead your fellow man, or to betray your people, is to lose your soul."

What a soulless bunch of people currently hold the self-anointed title of Black Leader. They do nothing BUT mislead their fellow men and betray their people. Instead of teaching the positive contributions of blacks in this country, they teach victimization and dependence. They have done more to retard the advancement of blacks in this country than Democratic slave holders ever did.

So, what happened? Why did black voters, who mostly voted Republican, suddenly switch their allegiance from the party that freed them to the party that enslaved them? If you ask the average Democrat, he'll mumble vaguely about a sea change in which the two parties magically switched sides, the Republicans suddenly becoming racist and the Democrats suddenly becoming the champions of civil rights in this country. If you press them on this irrational piece of truthiness, they'll either change the subject or walk out of the room.

Here's the truth.

The Democrats at their 1960 election convention promised to comply with the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1960. If you think about it, this was an admission that they had not been complying with the law, from the 1960 Civil Rights Act all the way back to the 13th Amendment.

Martin Luther King, Jr. refrained from endorsing Kennedy or Nixon. However, his father openly endorsed Richard Nixon for President. Then, Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested on October 19th in Atlanta, Georgia while leading a peaceful sit-in. He was immediately convicted and sentenced.

Kennedy quickly called the Kings to express his concern. In a cosmic coincidence, Martin Luther King, Sr. switched his endorsement to Kennedy and then Bobby Kennedy phoned a judge to get King Jr. released. The Democratic Party then flooded black voters with political propaganda (from the pulpits of black churches) during the last week of the campaign. Conveniently, the Democrats left out their previous 100 years of bloody history.

With the help of old Joe Kennedy's mob friends in Chicago, who delivered the dead vote, Kennedy narrowly won the 1960 election. He certainly had needed the senior King's endorsement, because he never would have made it based on his own civil rights record, which included voting against the 1957 Civil Rights Act.

Despite all the Democrats' promises to black voters, Kennedy's administration accomplished absolutely nothing legislatively on civil rights issues right up until his assassination. Blacks were being betrayed until their systematic and visible repression by Democrats moved Kennedy to action out of political expediency. The April, 1963 riots in Birmingham, Alabama caused Kennedy to fear that blacks would bolt back to the Republican Party in the 1964 elections unless the Democrats finally took action, and he was dragged kicking and screaming into the civil rights fray.

Americans were watching the repression and murder of black Americans (and whites who supported them) on television and were enraged by it. What used to occur out of the light of public consciousness was suddenly exposed, and no one could ignore it, least of all the Kennedy clan.

Through political expediency, the Kennedy administration was forced to send in federal agents to quell the brutality. After Kennedy's assassination, LBJ -- who once voted against a national anti-lynching law -- was forced to continue enforcement of civil rights laws against members of his own party.

Thus was born the "new" Democratic party, champions of the underdog, defenders of the defenseless, yada, yada, yada.

Johnson then proceeded to create his "Great Society," which did more to rip apart black families than slavery ever did.

And today, the Democratic Party continues to hold the black vote despite their opposition to school choice, which would give every child equal access to a good eduction, despite their promotion of abortion, which destroys black babies at a rate higher than any other race, despite their broken promises, despite their open racism against any blacks who choose to be Republicans.

Self-appointed black leaders have lost their soul. People like Al Sharpton, Charles Rangle, Julian Bond, Jesse Jackson, etc. routinely compromise on principle, mislead their fellow man and betray their people in order to increase their personal wealth.

How do we turn things around? Get rid of Democrats. Get them out of the public school system, where they infect black children with the hopelessness of victim-hood. Get them out of public office, where they continue to pass policies that make it nearly impossible for the little guy to succeed. Get them out of the mainstream of our culture, where they continue to drag us into the gutter.

Imagine how vastly different our history would have been had the Democratic Party been dismantled after the Civil War, just as the Nazi Party was destroyed after WWII.